21 de March de 2022
The dog show stacker

Anyone who has ever attended a beauty dog exhibition would have notice the moment when the exhibitors present their dogs to the judge, making the dog stack “pose”. To be able to do so, you have to train your dog and get him to do those excellent “poses”.  To do this, there is an invention […]

4 de March de 2022
Cleaning tools

Until your puppy is fully potty trained you should be prepare to clean a lot. At the beginning your puppy will relief itself anywhere in the house, something you have to accept as the pup doesn´t know better. All you can do is clean up the mess and gradually introduce puppy pads and paper training […]

2 de March de 2022
Food and water containers

Your puppy will need two containers: one for the food and another one for water. Perhaps you might want to have two sets, one to keep indoors and one for outdoors; it will depend on where your puppy will spend most of its time. Stainless steel and hard-plastic bowls are the most popular. Bowls made […]

26 de February de 2022
The collar

A lightweight nylon collar will be the best choice for your staffy puppy. Make sure the collar length fits comfortably your puppy´s neck so there is no risk of your Staffy slipping from their collar, or injuring themselves from a collar that is too tight. The general rule for a proper fitting collar is your ability […]

23 de February de 2022
The lead / leash

A nylon lead is probably the best as is the most resistant to the puppy’s teeth, if he decides to bite it. Obviously, this is a bad habit that should be eradicated as soon as possible, but if your dog likes to bite his lead, it will be less possible to damage it if it […]

16 de February de 2022
The Staffy's toys

Amongst the wide range on toys available for dogs and so many appearing to be so funny for your dog, you should be careful when choosing the right one.  It is incredible what the teeth of a puppy can do to an innocent toy so, obviously, safety is something very important to take into account. […]

10 de February de 2022
The bed

One or two blankets inside the crate will help your dog to feel more comfortable. First of all, the blankets will take the place of the leaves and brunches etc. that a dog in the wild would use to make his bed. Therefore, the puppy will be able to make his on lair inside the […]

6 de February de 2022
What you should buy: Crate

Despite what people who are not familiar with dog training think, crates are not at all a kind of punishment to lock up your dog. Crates have many advantages and are very useful in the caring and training of dogs. For example, get your dog used to getting inside the crate is a good way […]

2 de February de 2022
Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier will offer his potential owner a great deal of advantages.  It is a very easy dog to take care of, obedient, with a  short and smooth coat hair , intelligent and surprisingly healthy. For an active owner who would like to go for long walks with his dog, the Staffordshire Bull […]

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